Fighting for local jobs

Download a copy of George’s Jobs Plan here for an overview of job-creating measures for North Queensland, including investment and fast-tracking of key road and water infrastructure and backing of mining, agriculture, and tourism industries.

George’s push for a $100 million regional growth fund will foster development of innovations and new industries to help the regional economy transition.

Better Roads in the Region

George took up the fight to fix the Bruce Highway from the time he was first elected in 2010. He campaigned for a big share in the $6.7 billion Fix the Bruce Highway program which is now under way. Over the next ten years this will deliver a Mackay Ring Road, upgrade bridges, raise and realign sections of highway and flood-proof key sections of highway. George also continues to advocate for a heavy vehicle bypass for Walkerston.

Fair share for North Queensland

George is on the committee which undertook the Northern Australia inquiry and white paper which has recommended a range of measures to maximise our business, agricultural and development opportunities. The appointment of a minister of Northern Australia Development, and the development of the Urannah Dam to boost our water resources and expand horticultural land are just two of the recommendations.

Less Taxes and Smaller Government

George is firmly in favour of a low-tax economy and allowing people to make their own choices with money rather than being dictated to by government. The Coalition government’s Red Tape Repeal has already reaped $700 million in savings and millions of hours of paperwork for businesses and individuals, and more will follow.

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