Adani needs patience of saint to wait for state

FEBRUARY 4, 2016: NOT only is the Queensland Labor Government dilly-dallying on the approval of a mining lease for the Carmichael Mine, but there is a swag of other approvals pending which are holding up progress on the massive job-creating project.

A major developer needs the patience of a saint when dealing with the Palaszczuk Government and quite frankly it’s ridiculous.

It’s not like this combined mine, rail and port project hit the in-trays yesterday; it’s been going on for years.

The list of approvals Adani is still waiting on for both the Carmichael Mine and the Abbot Point expansion includes not only the mining lease, but State Department of Environment and Heritage Protection approvals, State Coordinator- General approvals, North Queensland Bulk Ports approvals, and a whole raft of other approvals relating to roadworks, quarry approvals and material change of use applications.

If we can get these approvals done, Adani can get on the ground and start building this massive project which will provide up to 10,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The Palaszczuk Government loves to talk about “fast-tracking “.

Well my plea is, ‘can you please stop with the excuses and delays on this project and “fast-track” the bureaucracy in your own departments’.

Additional state approvals for Abbot Point dredging pending:

  • Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection approvals
  • Queensland Coordinator-General approvals
  • North Queensland Bulk Ports approvals

Additional state approvals for Carmichael Mine pending:

  • Queensland state government anticipates final decisions on the granting of mining leases
  • Other state government approvals will be required relating to roadworks at the mine, rail and port (from local and state governments), quarry approvals, and material change of use applications for the railway line